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Pinehill Butchery is the one stop shop for all of your Butchery needs.  We're all about quality meats and great service.  Everything is hand made in our butchery by our team.  Just like it used to be.

Our butchery stocks NZ grass fed, free range beef and lamb, along with NZ pork and chicken.  We also stock a small range of Carrara Wagyu Beef and Black Angus Brisket.

We have your everyday cuts covered, as well as our range of Specialty Products we offer a full range of BBQ Meats, Kebabs, Pies, Offal and a great range of Spices and Flavours - we have it all.  


Whatever you are doing, we can cater to your requests to make that cook a cook to remember.   We are a nose to tail butchery.  We don’t waste anything. 


So come into the store to see the full range for yourself.  If you're after some dried meat and can't wait, check out our online range here.

Product Range


If you’re looking for something unique, try our specialty product range.


Dry Meats - Biltong, Droewors and Cured Meats are all made in store using our own unique recipes and flavours.  You can purchase a number of our dried meat products in store or online.

Our Sausages are handmade in our butchery.  We use whole spices and fresh ingredients in recipes we developed ourselves.  We control the whole process, taking the time and effort to make small batch lots that are fresh and full of flavour.


Our Dry Aged Premium Steaks are aged for 21 days on the bone to ensure the flavour and tenderness develops.  We have a full range of cuts, but if you're after something in particular drop into our shop or give us a call


If you're into your Low and Slow cuts, you're in luck.  If you want to impress with our BBQ (or anything for that matter) come to us.  And our range of smoked meats, bacon, hams are available year round.  


For any special requests, drop us a call and we can see what we can do for you.

Specialty Products
Biltong, dried meat, chakalaka,


There's something for everyone.

The Pinehill team is led by Owner and Lead Butcher Karl Smith.  Following his New Zealand based training, Karl developed the art of his craft at the renowned Ginger Pig Butchery in Borough Market, London. 


Karl has a passion for making great meat products accessible to everyday people, and that’s why he does it.


We are your local butcher.  A place where great service and great food go hand in hand without being overly expensive.  We believe everyone should be able to come into our butchery and buy something.  So, we welcome you to visit us in Pinehill.  There’s something here for everyone.

About Us
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